Let Them blow your socks off!

Normally at this time of year, we are busy writing xmas cards, you could hear a pin drop in the office as the phone stops ringing and the deals dry up. But not this year, last week on Sunday 11/12/18 we were pumped at the Home Opens and what followed couldnt be explained.

On each of our (now sold) properties we wrote multiple offers, in different suburbs and closed each deal one after the other. The properties ranged from Roleystone to Gosnells to Piara Water and Canning Vale, they each had multiple offers and the sellers got a true indication on what someone would pay for this property.

    • UNDER OFFER: 18 Birrel Place, Gosnells
    • UNDER OFFER: 11 Robina Rd, Gosnells
    • UNDER OFFER: 15 Birtwistle Place, Roleystone
    • UNDER OFFER: 39 Kingia Way, Canning Vale
    • UNDER OFFER: 19 Durant Way, Piara Waters

Now many of you, who may be agents or sales reps yourselves will mumble under your breath that we may have “under priced” and I can assure you that all offers are well within a reasonable range of asking price, some properties have been on the market a week while others have endured the full experience of selling in a difficult market.

So this being the case, is the market changing? Seeing movement on the surface can often attribute to a market change beginning, sadly however I believe this is the market playing “catch up” from the late Spring season, from here until about the second week of January the market goes on holiday – with fewer sales over the coming weeks.

Notice to Buyers

This may be your only warning – i didn’t see the market change last time and I will probably miss it this time… BUY NOW. Don’t take the risk in thinking it will continue to slide, picking the bottom may cost you $20,000.

Notice to Sellers

If your agent tells you that putting a high price on it is the only way to sell – give them the sack. We can prove time and time again that buyers are looking for value in this market, if you miss your 30 day window you are at their mercy. List with an agent that has a plan to sell in the first 30 days, or even better, list for only 30 days… let them blow your sock off with their service – and if they don’t, you know who to call.

James Baylee
0421 904 469

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